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  • The secret to Stop attracting toxic relationships
  • How to Make decisions about your relationship without shame and guilt.
  • How To Save a Current Relationship
  • The 3 sure signs that you should leave a relationship NOW.
    And so much more…

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Anna Garcia is UK’s #1 relationship expert for women and the author of AMAZON #1
Best-seller: Blossom and Become. A Heroine’s Journey Back to Self Love.

She is the founder of Relationships Intensive, a programme that has changed the lives
of 1000’s of women and have become the #1

Anna has dedicated the past 10 years working with women to discover how
extraordinary they are, to help them unlock their power and gain a deep understanding
of their relationships and most importantly, with themselves after a loss or relationship

She has been showing women throughout the world how to reconnect with their own
power again, whether they are in a marriage, single or separated.

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Mina Golkar
Mina Golkar

I gained my confidence back

When my boyfriend broke up with me in September last year I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I was so desperate to get him back. We both loved each other so much. We still do but our relationship has been transformed its shape since.

When I met Anna for the first time at one of her free events everything she was saying resonated with me and I knew if I don’t do the work of self development and self love now I will end up in another similar draining relationships with other men, or with my family members, or with my friends and so on and I will struggle and suffocate again and again. They say how you do anything is how you do everything.

I signed up for Intensive Relationship Mastery programmer. With Anna’s coaching and digging deeper and peeling off layers after layers and with me playing full out I am a totally different woman today.

And I get myself right back on track immediately. Anna is a caring facilitator who comes from her heart, been there done that and gets me even before I get myself, before I know what’s running under the current. She calls me out on my BS without hesitation.

That’s how I gained my confidence back cause I learned how to catch myself on my own BS… I am 8 months into my self discovery and self development journey with Anna and I could not be more grateful to the universe for bringing her to my life.

Thank you for being you, the shining star in women’s darkest nights, and doing all the hard work it requires

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