Relationships Intensive is a one day transformational programme for women.
it is a safe space where we get to explore the depths of relationship, what is going on and why is it going on.
When we understand our relationships we get to understand ourselves to much greater depths.
In improving our relationships we dramatically improve the quality of our life.


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Stop confusing the length of a relationship with its quality


Own your story, not be ashamed of it


Identify codependent relationships & why you keep creating them


Separate your self worth from your relationship status


Differentiate choices made from fear & why they are getting in the way of who you really want to be


Re-contextualise events & accept that great relationships can also have a sell-by date

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Success stories from our participants

I was only half an hour into the first day but remember looking down at my notebook and thinking wow…I’ve already laughed out loud, cried happy and sad tears, heard some incredibly moving and inspiring stories and we’ve not even reached the first break!
A truly liberating and humbling experience like no other.

Catherine, Chartered Accountant,
Southeast London

After 20 years of marriage my husband told me that he did not love me anymore. There was no other woman, but there was no joy in our relatioship and he eanted to move out. I suggested that we could work on it but he just packed his things. Then I went on Anna’s relationship seminar. In the middle of my emotional turmoil and confusion I was able to find solid ground. I realised I had to stop asking the question what I did wrong and start asking if I was happy with mu husband and getting what I needed from that relationship. Listening to other women and their stories helped immensely as well. I can say that seminar was the event that saved me then and made me realise how strong and unique and worthy of love i am. Thank you, Anna!


The day spent with Anna left me in high spirits. Her energy, humour, personality and knowledge left a lasting impact upon me. I left with an arsenal of valuable insights which has already had an impact on my relationship. Thank you Anna


Thank you…It was a truly insightful, inspiring and enjoyable day. It was a massive relief to hear others going through similar experiences as me which was unexpected but such a blessing. It was also uplifting to meet so many wonderful women. I came home and started using some of the tools you gave us and I’m already seeing a difference!


Before attending RI my life has stayed pretty much the same no change. However my perspective and my understanding of me has totally changed.
I am a lot more happier and content with me. I understand why I do things and why it’s so difficult to break habits as some underpin my self beliefs that are made up.
Attending Anna’s RI made it possible for me to become aware that my life journey is my own even if I do share so many personality traits with everyone else on planet earth.
I suddenly didn’t feel such a misfit or undesirable.
I’m empowered and not reacting to gestures and suggestions. I have been through a lot and I love the stability, peace and freedom I have. One day I may allow a Mr Right to enter my life but for now I can wait.
I love life and mine is working progress.

Gloria V – Professional

Thank you for some great learnings. Gave me clarity on what i want in a relationship.

Rox; Business Owner

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