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  • How to mend your broken heart and trust again
  • The secret to Stop attracting toxic relationships
  • How to Make decisions about your relationship without shame and guilt.
  • How To Save a Current Relationship
  • The 3 sure signs that you should leave a relationship NOW.
    And so much more…

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Anna Garcia is UK’s #1 relationship expert for women and the author of AMAZON #1
Best-seller: Blossom and Become. A Heroine’s Journey Back to Self Love.

She is the founder of Relationships Intensive, a programme that has changed the lives
of 1000’s of women and have become the #1

Anna has dedicated the past 10 years working with women to discover how
extraordinary they are, to help them unlock their power and gain a deep understanding
of their relationships and most importantly, with themselves after a loss or relationship

She has been showing women throughout the world how to reconnect with their own
power again, whether they are in a marriage, single or separated.

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Paula Nelms Client Testimonial for Relationships Intensive
Paula Nelms, 37, Marketing Manager

From Toxic Relationships To Inner Peace & Love

I was introduced to Relationships Intensive by my friend who had just watched me come out of yet another failed relationship, with yet another toxic guy.  This had been a recurring theme all throughout my 20s and 30s and I’d just had enough! What was wrong with me?!

I needed some help and I could not sign up fast enough, but what I got was so much more than I could of imagined.

Through the Relationship Mastery programme I have learnt that what was stopping me connecting with a good and decent guy was my own lack of self-love and self-trust, believing deep down that I somehow was only worthy of toxic men and therefore attracting them over and over again. 

Through the consistency of applying the tools and techniques, I have learnt to live more whole-heartedly and in true abundance.  By being more vulnerable, showing up and leaning in, by staying present and learning to let go, I have not only come home to the love that was inside myself all along, I have also been able to stop self-sabotaging and let the love of an amazing, decent guy in.  I feel truly joyful and happy every day and know that it is always me & me first, the relationship with myself is one that lasts a lifetime.  I finally feel at peace with love.

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