These ladies are amazing, and all started their journey with us as Relationships Intensive members. Here’s a little background on their Relationships Intensive journey:

Marta Piechowiak
Sales & Client Relationship Manager, London.

What did the Relationships Intensive Mastery programme do for you?

The RI Mastery Programme helped me start resolving my emotional challenges step by step and gradually create long-lasting peace and happiness in my life and rediscover a deeper connection and love within myself.

As a result, my relationships with others, especially my family members started improving instantly and I became a much better version of myself, which I’m extremely grateful for every day.

‘I came across Anna Garcia in 2018 at a time when the relationship with myself was suffering the most. It was challenging to connect with people on a deeper level in different areas of my life. I was emotionally unsettled and needed guidance to start addressing over 30 years of suppressed negative emotions and patterns, which I didn’t know how to resolve and breakthrough on my own.

But I was ready to take action and finally address why so many things in my life weren’t working.

What do you love about RI members’ Journeys?

Through the programme we meet a group of like-minded women and gain a circle of friends who support and hold each other accountable while being open to honest conversations and sharing personal experiences.

What do you get out of the programme now as a team member?

My favourite part of doing this job is being able to support guiding women into achieving what may often seem impossible to start with and being a witness to the incredible life transformations this programme facilitates for women every single month.

Erika Felici

Sales & Client Relationship Manager, London

What did the Relationships Intensive Mastery programme do for you?

When I joined the programme I felt lost. I had just divorced and found out my child had a disability. I felt knocked down by life! I was ready to get out of the sadness and helplessness and Anna Garcia guided me back to who I really am.

I started my healing process the moment I stepped into that room. I realised my nervous system is shaped by experience, especially by my childhood traumas. I learned the tools to regulate my nervous system. I was able to see and stop sabotaging my  romantic relationships.

My wounds are not my fault but my healing is my responsibility.

The relationships with my family, with my child and with my loved one have transformed and I have been becoming the best version of myself.

What do you love about RI members’ Journeys?

I love this network of empowered women! We all stand for each other, we keep us accountable with unconditional love. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love and this network has it all! I met my soul sisters here, my best friends.

What do you get out of the programme now as a team member?

I love to be a contribution to transform women’s lives. I keep working on becoming the best version of myself together with all our clients.

“We do not heal in isolation but in community”

Kelly Hughes

Sales & Administration Executive, North Wales 

As the only team member who was not part of the Relationships Intensive Mastery programme first, what have you learned since joining?

The growth journey for me since joining this team has just been incredible. I must admit that initially I was a little sceptical, but I can honestly say it’s been life-changing! And that’s not from even being IN the programme, this is just being around it! It’s been a mixture of conversations we have as a team, listening to the Masterclasses, being present at the events and the little golden moments we get to pick up on from Anna on a daily basis.

I have always struggled with self-esteem and this is something I continue to work on, but with the guidance of this coaching I have developed my self-reputation and dropped a lot of my co-dependencies. My nervous system is a lot more regulated and I feel a lot more free. I’m so excited and grateful to be starting a new life.

What do you love about RI members’ Journeys?

I am completely inspired by the journeys of the women in this network. They make me want to grow and develop myself even more so. My favourite thing is when someone doesn’t see their growth, but then something happens and they realise how much they have changed – that lightbulb moment is fantastic to see! I feel incredibly grateful to witness their journeys and so happy to have met such amazing women.

What do you get out of the programme as a team member?

As a team member, it’s incredible just how much we are able to grow and develop through osmosis! We hold ourselves to very high standards as a team and so are always looking for ways to develop our work and ourselves – I love this! And for me, being around the women in this network is literally life-changing.